Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heavy Fire Afghanistan

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan propels you into the gut-wrenching, fast-paced action of modern-day Afghanistan. Hunt down the enemy and secure the area as you scour thick forests, mountains and bustling towns. Take the enemies on their own territory and rescue hostages from caves. Use your skills as a soldier as you fly in helicopters, ride in tanks, drive trucks and cover the ground on foot across 24 suspenseful missions. Gather your team and play in co-op modes with friends, or face off against them in versus mode. The enemy's firing relentlessly at you. Take cover, gather yourself, grab the biggest gun you can find and take out the enemy with Heavy Fire.

  • Blisteringly fast-paced action set in a modern day Afghanistan
  • Expanded sequel to the #1 selling Wiiware title Heavy Fire
  • 24 missions – foot, vehicle, airborne and helicopter
  • 1-4 players, cooperative and versus mode; Online leaderboard

So, want to try this game out and shoot some terrorists down? I'm giving it to you for free! Just download the game below.




  1. Unpack.
  2. Mount or Burn image.
  3. Install.
  4. Play the game.

There you go. Shoot 'em up! If you liked this, why don't you share it to your friends. Send this to them through email, share this on Facebook, or tweet it! If you have any clarifications or request, feel free to leave some comments. Happy playing!

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