Saturday, March 10, 2012

Suzanne Collins: Catching Fire


The games may be over, but the battle has just begun. Katniss Everdeen found out that the odds truly were in her favor in the daring conclusion of The Hunger Games.
In Catching Fire, Katniss assimilates herself into her new role as a victor of the Hunger Games. Content with the victor’s spoils that can now feed her family and chagrin that she’ll have to participate in a Victory Tour in the 11 defeated Districts of Panem and the Capitol, Katniss is completely unaware of the trouble she sparked with her final actions in the Hunger Games’ arena. Katniss quickly realizes that she has emerged as a symbol of rebellion when she receives a visit from the dastardly President Snow who cunningly threatens her with a fate far worse than death.
Katniss acquiesces to President Snow but continues to notice signs of unrest through her style team and among other Districts. Both Katniss and Peeta Mellark quickly realize if they don’t team up and play their cards right, innocent people will die as a result of their actions. A startling twist in the Quarter-Quell (75th annual) Hunger Games takes Katniss’ focus away from the unrest in the Districts and consumes her with a growing intensity to survive long enough to protect Peeta, Gale, and her family from the dictatorship that threatens all of their lives.
In Catching Fire, Katniss learns how Cinna’s intuition and Haymitch Abernathy’s uncouth actions are justified. While getting in touch with herself and just how grave Panem’s situation is, she decides how far she’ll go to right the injustices inflicted by the mighty Capitol. Peeta, and Katniss’ co-survivalist back in District 12, Gale Hawthorne, continue to pedal through the angst of weighing their emotions for Katniss against their stark reality.
With a possible insurrection mounting in the Districts, Katniss must decide whether to run or fight, whom to pull into her circle of trust, and just where and when the Capitol is watching her actions.
In the thrilling, fast-paced sequel to The Hunger Games, author Suzanne Collins expertly crafts another suspenseful story and weaves in a few bombshells that will have excited fans’ dropping their jaws as they navigate the twists and turns in Katniss’ world. Fans are finally given a glimpse into the truth about what lies in the ruins of District 13, something the Capitol has been trying to cover up since the first rebellion, and will finally realize the fate of District 12 and the people Katniss cares about most.


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