Saturday, March 10, 2012

Suzanne Collins: Mockingjay


Mockingjay, the conclusion to The Hunger Games trilogy, will have fans racing through the book to reach its edgy, highly probable yet oh so unexpected, and utterly jaw-dropping conclusions. In the final, spell-binding novel, author Suzanne Collins doesn’t spare blood or gore—or creativity as she paints graphic images in the path of two-time Hunger Games survivor, Katniss Everdeen. Katniss has emerged from the 75th Annual (Quarter Quell) Hunger Games as the sole symbol of the Districts’ rebellion against the Capitol: the Mockingjay.
Flung into the underground, socialist District 13, Katniss is relieved, appalled, and bitter about the District’s existence. With Gale Hawthorne by her side and Peeta Mellark at the hands of the Capitol, Katniss is forced to weigh the motives and actions of those around her as she navigates her role as Mockingjay. District 13’s President Coin reunites Katniss with former Tributes and an assortment of Rebel leaders scraped together from the surviving Districts with carefully laid plans on how to gain the remaining Districts’ support and infiltrate the Capitol.
Katniss’ mom and her sister Prim seal their roles in District 13 as part of the medical team, and Hunger Games’ mentor Haymitch Abernathy is as unpredictable and insufferable as can be as he assumes a pivotal role in the Rebel’s schemes. Both Peeta and Gale hurt Katniss in terribly deep ways, leaving Katniss to decide once and for all if she ever really loved either of them. Katniss struggles to decipher the decisions of war and weighs what her future should hold if she manages to survive the multitude of gut-wrenching attacks she faces in her effort win the rebellion by storming the Capitol to capture and kill President Snow.
Expertly crafted twists and turns reveal more fantastical thinking than the previous two novels in the series, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Moving at warp speed with game-changing events in every chapter, readers will race through Mockingjay to learn the fate of so many of their beloved characters, or to finally understand those whose motives and actions always left a question hanging in readers’ minds.
Collins tidily wraps up all of the loose ends with head-nodding certainty even though the trilogy’s startling conclusions are lobbed at readers from left field, leaving them completely shell-shocked at times. By the end of the trilogy, fans are left with a deeper and richer understanding of humanity and a “what would Katniss do?” mentality that’s hard to shake.


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